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Museum & More is coming to Metro City!

Media Resource:sinanews | 2021-08-20

On 6th August, Museum & More, the world's first museum IP-based creative design shop, opened in Metro City, with a collection of exquisite products from the British Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the V&A Museum, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and the National Gallery of Great Britain.

World's first shop in Metro City

On 6th August, Museum & More, the world's first museum IP-based creative design shop, opened in Metro City, bringing with it a wide range of official creative products to Shanghai. Nearly 1,000 creative items from the British Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the V&A Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and the National Gallery of Great Britain bring a distinctive artistic atmosphere to Shanghai this summer.

In addition to a wealth of creative souvenirs and home groceries, Museum & More is a brand that advocates an artistic lifestyle, featuring clothing, fragrances and accessories, combining classic art with current aesthetics, leading the creative trend of museum aesthetics and using art to create endless possibilities for everyday consumption.

Covering a hundred kinds of museum-related trendy products, a one-stop museum journey

Walking into Museum & More is like walking into a moving museum. The British Museum's Swan Aristocrat chessboard, the British Museum's town treasure Rosetta Stone, the Metropolitan Museum of Art's contemporary art masterpieces, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts' collection of Musha prints, the V&A Museum Tipp's tiger and the National Gallery of England's collection of Van Gogh's Sunflowers, classic art combined with modern life and integrated into the humanistic details of the home, resonating with the public in unexpected ways.

The shop design overturns the traditional art shop classic style, with a minimalist style fused with a sense of technology, transparent screens and mirrors extend the sense of different spaces, combining to explore and portray the future of museums.

Museums embrace the Z-era, cool art is happening

The announcement of Museum & More's first shop in Shanghai Metro City is based on the consumer profile of the location. Museums have a natural content advantage in terms of culture and art education, and the younger generation of culture and art lovers are contributing to the backbone of content co-creation in the Internet era. In terms of the consumer market for museum cultural and creative goods, many museum online shops have already delivered surprising results, such as the British Museum's Tmall flagship shop, which already has over two million fans. Museum & More, the first offline collection of museum IP in China, was born out of this cultural consumption boom. It is reported that Museum & More opened for trial operation in late July, and the hot Z-era consumer flow is a practical demonstration of the young generation's love for museum culture and passion for art and cultural creation.

Art knows no boundaries, and the possibilities are endless

At the opening ceremony of Museum & More, Qiu Fei, CEO of Pingyuan Mandarin, said that since Pingyuan Mandarin introduced the world's top museum IP, it has been loved by Chinese consumers. Today, Pingyuan Mandarin's online shop has millions of fans, and the annual Museum Day event held online has attracted hundreds of millions of clicks, and has opened several museum-themed offline flash shops in Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Shenzhen and Suzhou. This time, Pingyuan Mandarin has inaugurated its first offline permanent shop in Metro City, launching Museum & More, the world's first museum culture collection experience shop, which means Pingyuan Mandarin will start a new layout with its passion for museum art.

Shop address.

2F 2-8 Museum & More, Metro City

1111 Zhaojiabang Road

Sample Products included: 

The British Museum's Swan-themed Home Fragrance


Romantic and elegant, inspired by the Swan board game in the collection, the bottle is emblazoned with the symbol of the swan, representing the British nobility

A series of Watches inspired by The Metropolitan Museum of Art's collection


The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the four largest museums in the world, and watches from the Met, with their stylish and bold designs, taken from masterpieces of art, are like wearing a work of art on your body

Victoria and Albert Museum's Mucha-themed Bookmark


Mucha Zodiac Jewellery, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston


The National Gallery's Sunflower-themed Canvas Bag