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Pop-up store at The Times Hotel-Art Deco Collection


The V&A museum has launched its latest pop-up store at The Times Hotel in Shimao, Shanghai, China. Working with its master licensee in Greater China, Alfilo Brands, the museum has created an Art Deco-themed  experience in one of Shanghai’s most popular shopping and leisure destinations.


The much romanticized Shanghai of the 1930s — a crucible of jazz clubs, re-imagined Chinese fashion, and glamorous hotels — is the focus of this pop-up exhibition. Specifically , Visitors to “The Grand Time Hotel” could wander through a carefully curated series of spaces from the world’s foremost museum of design including a fitting room of period-style couture and dressing tables, a cocktail bar with drinks to match, and an art gallery.


Widely considered a leading collector of Art Deco couture, furniture, and posters, the V&A’s pop-up connects back to the museum’s third best-attended exhibition in its history, Art Deco 1910-1939. “The V&A is regarded as a leading authority on the Art Deco Movement,” said Lauren Sizeland, the museum’s Head of Licensing and Business Development. “One of the founding missions of the V&A was to make art available to all and this pop-up store will help bring our collections to a new audience.”