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The British Museum x Meitu


Since being founded in 2008, Meitu has been trying to incorporate a higer level of aesthetics into its products for their customers. They perceive themselves not “just a smartphone company", but want to be a pioneer in integrating with smartphones. 

Inspired by iconic 18th century fashion era, Rococo, Meitu has co-branded with The British Museum to launch its V6 Smartphone Rococo Special Edition. 

By co-branding with The British Museum, Meitu is able to combine art with technology, which provides a different and beautiful style to our every day smartphone.

This particular smartphone design uses Fair Aqua and Pink Dogwood as the color scheme - a combination most representative of Rococo art.


Beyond the color scheme, the gold C shape, S shape, and spiral curve floral designs represent the most iconic patterns during the Rococo period. Meitu uses this design to decorate the phone beyond just prints by adding exquisite reliefs. This special touch is a perfect representation of the core idea of Rococo art.


In addition to the incredible design of the phone itself, Meitu also put a lot of effort in designing the packaging for this special edition smartphone. The container is similar to a make-up box for a noble girl from the Rococo period.